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Finding stylish outfits for tall women can be hard to find due to the sizing and measurements not adding up. Either the length is awkwardly short (hello, flood pants), the seams are too short (cue the uncomfortable wedgies) or there is too much material (not flattering, whatsoever). 

Who knows the needs of clothing for tall women better than tall women themselves?! That’s right–nobody! 

This entire blog is dedicated to the incredible, ground-breaking women who are interrupting the world of fashion by providing a wide variety of cute fashion that we proudly have available to shop at Tall Size. This means for every purchase you make, you are supporting companies owned by other women who are well endowed in the height department! 

The Elevated Closet 

The Elevated Closet is owned and operated by Jordan Smith. Smith previously played in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and stands at a stunning 6'4'' tall. Smith, both tall and very athletic, battled with finding outfits that are both stylish and practical. This frustration was later doubled when Smith became pregnant with her two girls, resulting in her 2007 company, RG Maternity focusing on providing great looks for tall, pregnant women. Later, The Elevated Closet was born in 2018 out of a need (and many, many requests from tall women) for tall-focused apparel for every stage of a woman’s life. 

Focused on empowerment and building confidence, The Elevated Closet focuses on plenty of cute essentials available. Some basics every tall woman need include bootcut jeansmedium wash denim shorts, long sleeve t-shirt in mocha and denim, and great maternity basics such as this t-shirt, and this tunic.They also offer plus size items, too. 

Prissy Duck 

Prissy Duck defines itself as a sexy, feminine brand that is trendy and contemporary. Prissy Duck’s main goal is to offer long in-seamed clothing for taller women. The owner and designer is Stephanie Foster who navigates life at 6 feet and who was fed up with the lack of tall women's clothing that is actually cute and on-trend. 

So, Foster took the challenge headfirst and, using her experience and lifestyle created the Prissy Duck brand, striving to give tall women the clothing they actually want. When shopping at Prissy Duck, you will be happy to see there is a huge variety of lengths and sizes so everyone can get into their looks. 

There are many looks to love, including their wide range of jumpsuits which is one of the hardest outfits to conquer as tall women. There is the sassy Cairo jumpsuit for date night and the more modest pink Jasmine jumpsuit. This Julia wrap jumpsuit is a little more casual but can be elevated for the office.  

They make adorable dresses including this Bora Bora maxi dress perfect for summer, and this Sweetheart dress for an event. 

Prissy Duck also offers amazing bottomsactivewear, and bathing suits.


TallMoi is more than just a fashion brand, they strive to bring tall women together to support and empower one another. 

The ingenuity of TallMoi (pronounced tall-mwa) is thanks to Bukola Bankole, an entrepreneur, tall woman, and a Sub-Saharan African immigrant.


Bankole grew exhausted of clothing never fitting just right and hating cropped tops and too short pants. Harnessing her entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for clothing, Bankole decided to create TallMoi to help other women feel confident and celebrate being tall. In fact, Bankole wanted her brand to help tall women “dress like they owned the world” – which we support!

TallMoi focuses on many looks, including different styles of trousers, which come in US sizes 0-20 in different shapes and styles. We also love their selection of tall dresses, like the Turtleneck Tall Dress, which is perfect for work and the Denim Dress for more casual looks.

If you’re more of a skirt gal, they offer a beautiful range of skirts and cardigans.

Coix Shoes

Finding a cute pair of shoes as a tall woman is like finding a treasure chest! 

Coix Shoes (pronounced Coy) was founded by Charlotte and Sherene, two proudly tall women who wear sizes 11 and 13 that grew tired of not being able to find their sole-mates when shoe shopping. They found that there was a huge gap in the market for quality, trendy and supportive shoes for women in larger sizes. 

So, their goal quickly became to fill said gap with well-designed shoes for the modern woman with versatile needs and lifestyles. Their shoes are available in US sizes 11-14 and they offer many different styles. 

Have you been looking for comfortable block heels for work? We got you with the Marylebone Block Heel Pumps and the Seville Block Heel PumpsA good pair of boots are an absolute closet staple for cold weather as are block sandals for warm weather! 

If you prefer flat shoes, the Ochi Sandals are a gorgeous pair that is available in tortoise and cream. There is also this cute pair of slides in black, that are extremely en vogue. 

TJL Collection 

Where is the business casual clothing for tall women?! Where?! 

Thank goodness for TJL Collection because they specifically cater to the business casual outfits and are designed for tall women who they refer to as being “overlooked.” Their clothing has inseams between 35” to 39.” The owner and designer of TJL really get it, as she is 6’1 and their looks have been featured in both New York Magazine and Vogue Atlanta. 

Nothing says boss lady like the TJL Collection’s Suits and Sets. We are obsessed with this purple power suit jacket and matching pants, these gorgeous statement pants and this fun multi-print bright button down dress.   

One thing that feels impossible to find are jumpsuits that don’t give the world's worst wedgie. TJL Collection delivers – with pieces such as their Cheetah print jumpsuitpatterned black and white jumpsuit, this unreal black and yellow jumpsuit, that will go seamlessly from day to night, and this summery green jumpsuit that shows a hint of skin!

They also offer an excellent selection of bottomskimonos and bodysuits!

Tall Reali-tees

Fun graphic tees have been on trend for a while now. There’s just one problem: they’re not catered to tall women and never seem to fit correctly. Enter Robyn – the designer and creator behind Tall Reali-tees. Robyn has navigated life as a 6’1 Texan girl that, similarly to other women, felt pretty self-conscious throughout her life as someone that stood out for her height. However, when Robyn went to college, she slowly started on her self-discovery and self-love journey, resulting in her understanding of how fabulous and unique her height is. 

She recognized it so much that she wanted other women to experience the confidence and joy behind their unique height. Eventually, this was conceptualized into the quirky and one-of-a-kind online vendor, Tall Reali-tees where tall women can shop for trendy graphic t-shirts with a focus on being tall! 

Some quirky highlights include the ‘Be-You-Tall-Ful’ tee, the ‘Tall Queen’ tee and the ‘I’m tall?! Oh snap.” The brand also makes patriotic shirts, and non-height-related tops (that still cater to the tall woman.) In addition to the many cute and casual graphic t-shirts, there are also many tank tops for the summer. 

Taylor Tall 

We love the Taylor Tall brand as their clothing is designed to feel luxurious while being consciously crafted and timeless. It was founded by Taylor and Nathaniel who wanted to change the face of fashion for tall women and who were led by their unique passion to comprehend clothing genuinely and deliberately and how it fits. Taylor Tall founders want every piece, “to feel different than every other piece in your closet.” 

Their timeless pieces include this cotton-tall top, in navy and cream.

Looking for shorts? Look no further than these flattering linen high-waisted shorts in cream. Looking for the perfect jeans? Here are Taylor Tall’s high-waisted jeans in a dark wash that tall women love. What about a trendy pair of corduroys

Like Taylor Tall’s motto, you deserve clothing that fits!

At Last Denim

In the words of singer Etta James: “at last, my love has come along, my lonely days are over, and life is like a song!” Only this time your love is the perfect jeans that you have finally found that give you the confidence to step out in style! 


At Last Denim (ALD) was started by Ashley, who struggled her entire life to shop for jeans that actually fit, and she felt under-represented in fashion. So, ALD was born in 2016 in Ashley’s Brooklyn apartment! 

An important element of ATD is its commitment to high quality and sustainability through responsible sourcing and minimizing the impact. 

Find your perfect-fitting jeans including this acid wash, black skinny jeans, medium wash skinny jeans, and grey skinny jeans.

In Conclusion 

As tall women, there is no better feeling than getting into a gorgeous outfit that just fits. We love shouting out and recognizing the brilliant minds who are supporting tall women to feel empowered and confident in their wardrobes. The brands highlighted in this blog are changing the world of fashion and we are so grateful for their contributions, all of which can be found on our website! Start shopping here.

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