Kayla’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Tall Women In Your Life

I absolutely love the holiday season. I find that this time of year typically brings out the best in people. It’s a time to give thanks, reconnect with family and give back to my community. Plus, nothing beats the giddy feeling I get when a gift is first presented to me. As much as I appreciate the thought that goes into a gift hand picked specifically for me, I almost always dread receiving a festively wrapped “softbox”. It’s not because I am ungrateful, but because a softbox usually means clothes, and 10/10 times they don’t fit! 

I’m sure as a tall woman, you can relate?

It’s time to change this issue, and thanks to Tall Size we’ve put together a fabulous wardrobe gift guide for all our tall ladies out there. So no matter what your height, vibe, or style, Tall Size has a collection of wardrobe essentials for every tall woman out there. 

If a particular collection is calling your name, maybe send this gift guide to your family or friends as a hint, or, just treat yourself!

This holiday season, you no longer have to sacrifice style and comfort for fit, Tall Size has such a wide selection, you’re bound to find everything you need!

Happy Holidays tall babes, and happy slay.

The Homebody Collection

For the tall woman who would rather order in than dine out, looks forward to getting lost in a good book in bed, understands the importance of self care bubble baths and at home spa days or simply enjoys the comforts of her own home. We have the perfect curated collection of comfortable yet stylish loungewear that you can wear all day long. 

You no longer have to shop the men's section for a pair of long and fitted pyjama pants thanks to the Tapered Leg Tall PJ Pant. The Luna Bralette and matching Shorts available in a dusty rose or sienna and perfect for lounging in bed or on the couch. For a cozier set try the Cute and Cozy Leggings and Crop Sweater set that comes in mauve or chocolate. Lastly, for the tye dye lovers the Amber Sweatpant and matching Sweatshirt is a perfect fit.

The Bohemian Collection

WIth flowy fabrics Seychelles Set, Olivia Set, florals patterns Bora Bora Maxi Dress and effortless chic comfort Lets Call It A Day Linen High Waisted Pants and matching Top, who doesn’t love the free-spirted boho style! 

The Glam Girl Collection

We all have that one friend that is the life of the party and knows how to have a good time. Whether she’s making new friends at the bar, getting us all free drinks, or breaking it down on the dance floor, she loves to party and make memories. She also has the best and most glamorous party outfits, and let’s be real, you probably raid her closet before you head out. So here are some pieces she will absolutely love! Tall Ria Rhinestone Mini Dress, Tall Brooke One Shoulder Midi Dress, Tall Shandra Maxi Dress

The Wellness Warrior Collection

From sporty to soulfull, this collection is for the athletic woman in your life or the moonchild. Whether she’s going to the Saturday morning farmers market for fresh produce and flowers Tall Monica Ruched Mini Dress, doing yoga in the park The Andrea, or hitting the gym for a sweat sesh Work It Out Active Top - Blush, Grind Mode Leggings, Tall Track Pants, this collection is for the woman that embodies wellness Be-You-Tall-Ful Tee. She seeks clothes that are comfortable and move with her active lifestyle. 

The Boss Babe Collection

This curated collection is for the boss babe in your life. She doesn’t wait for life to bring her what she wants, she goes out there, works hard and makes the magic happen. She is confident, eager to learn, loves a challenge and is always networking. You admire her passion and are convinced she is going to change the world for the better. Not to mention she knows how to rock a heel Soho Stiletto and killer pantsuit Windsor High Waist Pants, Isla Satin Button Up Blouse, Stella Satin Pants. Add to her wardrobe with these pieces so she can keep being a boss.

The Shoe Lover Collection

Our moto at Tall Size is - Wear the heels ladies. 

I love shoes! I don't know what it is about them, but I just can't get enough. Every time I see a new pair of shoes, I just have to have them. It doesn't matter if I already have a closet full of shoes, if there's a new style or color that catches my eye, I just have to have them. Does this sound familiar?

For a shoe lover, every new pair of shoes added to their wardrobe simply lights them up. We have an amazing collection of shoes that run from size 10 to 15! Shop this very special collection to find the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life. Shoe Lover Collection

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