Summer Style Trends for Tall Women


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been craving sweet summer for a while now, too! Finally, it's arrived and it’s time to enjoy the hot summer sun. But, before you can do that, you need to sort out summer outfits in your wardrobe! As a tall woman, you can absolutely step out this summer in clothing that is not only practical and comfortable but also super stylish – it’s just a matter of finding it. 

And, lucky for you, you did find it – or at least a great starting point! This blog is completely dedicated to you sky-high beauties to find summer-style trends that you’ll love!

Summer Dresses

What is summer without gorgeous summer dresses?! We love summer dresses because they are effortlessly chic and there is no need to over-style them. Plus, they can flow effortlessly from day to evening with the help of a cardigan. They're always on-trend and allow you to show off your lovely long legs! 

For summer, both maxi dresses and midi dresses are extremely flattering for taller women, as they not only highlight your stature but elevate your legs

Can we be honest though? We completely appreciate that shopping for dresses which fit in all the right places can be frustrating.  Especially finding maxi dresses can feel impossible - but we promise it isn’t! We have maxi dresses that WILL flow well below the ankle and cover the toe and shoes. Most maxi dresses are nice and flowy, which is ideal for a day that involves a lot of walking – especially where there is heat involved. If you’re not afraid of a pop of color, we love this option as it’s the perfect combination of casual and classy. A timeless look for summer will always be floral and it comes in many styles. However, if you wish to elevate your figure a maxi dress more, you can always add a sweet belt around your waist. 

Midi dresses are any dress that lands around 2 inches below the knee or just above the ankles. These can show off your figure and feel super comfortable with any type of shoe. We love this denim option as it can be great for any event. Midi dresses are often a popular choice for a summery wedding, too! 

 Depending on the event, you can opt for sneakers or flat sandals for a casual look or add a bit of drama by pairing them with a cool wedge or heel


Wearing shorts is the perfect way to celebrate and highlight your gorgeous legs – which is exactly what they deserve. The thing about being quite tall is shorts can either become capri pants or daisy dukes very quickly. But there is a way around this! 

The first tip is to opt for shorts that are a little looser around the leg and thigh, to give you room to feel comfortable. We suggest tailored linen shorts like these. It is also a great idea to try longer shorts that land just above the knee. Longer shorts can be super flattering, but also really practical because when you sit down, they won’t ride up, which is a common problem for us tall ladies! 

Denim shorts are always a great idea. A good-fitting pair of denim shorts is one of those pieces every woman should have in their closet, because they go with everything and just feel easy. Blazers are a big hit for summer 2022 and look fabulous when paired with denim shorts and sneakers for an elevated look that is fun for date night, drinks with the girls and cooler summer evenings. 


Rompers are very fashion-forward and a popular choice for the summer. They’re not only a full outfit in one, but they are seamless for plenty of different occasions. Sure, they may make bathroom trips a little longer than expected – but they’re totally worth it, we promise!

However, finding the perfect-fitting romper for a tall woman is, well, less than fun. Oftentimes, the inseams are not long enough, the material for the body is too short, and the sleeves don’t sit right and can land awkwardly on the wrist. The result? It ends up riding up in all the wrong places making us tall gals regret our choice of outfit. 

It doesn't have to be that way! To overcome this issue, we suggest this denim romper that is designed well for taller women (whether you have longer legs or a longer torso because of course, everyone's body is different) with stretchy material and buttons. There is also a built-in belt to perfectly accentuate your waist. 

For a casual day when you’re just hanging out, or completing errands, this romper is a must-have. It’s not only a sporty look, but it’s made with stretchy fabric and includes an elastic waistband for a really good fit. 


For a more elevated romper, we have the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are beautiful and perfect for a night out, a bridal or baby shower, weddings, birthday parties, or even for the office! We love how they are very classy but still cool simultaneously. 

If you’re looking for a sexy showstopper, this little number will do the trick! It is great because it has the wrap feature around the chest and is a little tighter through the torso and legs, making it extremely flattering for taller women. 

For you ladies who are drawn to print and pattern, and heading to an event, this jumpsuit is a lot of fun. The wide leg and bouncy sleeves are complementary and add a great dimension. 

This jumpsuit will help you stand out – for all of the right reasons. The colour, the cut and the flowy fabric are simply gorgeous and very unique. 


Swimwear is the star of summer! The first thing to do with swimwear is to determine your comfort levels and what you prefer. Are you a bikini gal? A high-waisted bikini gal? Or are you more confident in one piece? Regardless of what you feel your best in, please remember: every body is bikini body ready! 

We recommend doing some measurements in advance before buying swimwear to ensure everything is spot on for your torso and leg measurements. You can measure from your shoulder to the inside of your pant leg seam, which is super easy to do at home yourself or ask a friend/family to support you doing this. As you may already know, if you have longer than a 30” measurement, it means you have what is considered a longer torso!

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place as we have a huge range of swimwear designed for ladies with longer torsos, adding around 2 – 2.5 inches of additional material than the “standard” fit for a comfortable fit. 

This one has a daring neckline which we love and includes removable cups. This swimsuit is perfect for ladies who prefer to be active when at the beach or the pool, as it has an adjustable neckline so is versatile and supportive. This swimsuit is classic and chic with an off-the-shoulder style and great support. Or, show off your back with this plunging bathing suit that is wonderfully flattering. 

Of course, every perfect swimsuit needs a perfect cover-up! This way you can head to the beach bar or a beachside lunch without any need to change. We love a showstopping, jaw-dropping moment which is exactly what this look gives you.  

Two-Piece Sets 

Have you tried a two-piece set yet?! If not, what are you waiting for!? These trendy sets are incredibly stylish and head turners as they keep people guessing! Plenty of them show a little skin, allowing you to show off a few inches of your stomach, which is perfect for summer. They are also very versatile, available in a pant/trouser option, maxi skirt, short skirt, and shorts. 

For an event look, this linen set is stunning and flowy for hot temperatures. This set offers both comfort and style ease with a relaxed fit and waistband for elevated style. For a more modest moment, we have this set that offers sun protection in a trendy cheetah print. For a very summery look that looks straight from Seychelles, we have this maxi dress set in yellow that is perfect for a vacation. 


Summer seriously needs accessories, especially when the heat is all the way up! It’s important to shade your beautiful skin from the sun (never forget that SPF, ladies) with statement sun hats like this one that brings some serious drama. We have it in a few colours including tanblack, and white


Finish off the above looks with the final step: tall size shoes! Sandals are always a great idea, as they match many looks and are super comfortable and easy to get around in. 

Sandals come in different styles including thongs, slides, and wedges. Do you have a favorite style you go for each summer? How about these tan thongs? Or these cool white slidesor these leather walking sandals?  


We hope you found these suggestions and options helpful in your quest to curate a summer wardrobe that is ideal for your gorgeous silhouette and frame! 

The exciting thing about fashion and summer style is how personal style is for your unique personality and lifestyle. The goal should be to always remain true to yourself and never change for anyone. What you wear is your statement to the world, your introduction and your first impression, so be sure to make it an honest reflection of yourself – and have fun doing it!

If you are still on your style journey, we recommend trying different things, be bold and brave – summer is the perfect season to test your fashion boundaries! What summer style trend are you most looking forward to trying?

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