About Tall Size

Solving #TallGirlProblems…

While Co-founder Nicole Murphy was out for a walk with her dog, she couldn’t help but notice how cold she was. Not because she hadn’t dressed warm enough for the cooler winter weather, but because her coat sleeves and jeans simply weren’t long enough for her 6’0 frame. Frustrated, she called her 6’4 lifelong friend, now Co-Founder, Kayla Alexander to vent about her struggles. During their conversation they learned they shared the same problem: Shopping as tall women is frustrating and hard, because stores simply don’t carry clothes/shoes in their sizes. 

What started as a vent session quickly blossomed into the beautiful beginnings of Tall Size — the first-ever online shopping platform for tall women where tall women can easily shop from an endless aisle of tall-friendly items from a variety of brands all in one place, with one shopping cart. 

Bringing the joy back to shopping…

Our vision at Tall Size is to be your go to destination for all your wardrobe needs. We want to bring the simplicity and excitement back to shopping. Shopping as a tall woman shouldn’t feel like mission impossible. If you’re spending hours perusing the web, we want it to be because you have an endless selection to choose from. Not because you’re desperately trying to find a single item in your size. Whether you are shopping for basics, looking for current trends or need help figuring out your personal style, the team at Tall Size has you covered.

We want you to love the skin you’re in…

Our mission is to create a place that feels like home. Where, when you shop the items, you won’t have to second guess if they fit, because you know that every item is designed specifically to fit you. At Tall Size, although we have hundreds of items for you to choose from, we are so much more than our clothes. We are a community that celebrates and empowers tall women. We are all about uplifting one another and bringing us all together. Most importantly, we want you to feel confident and love the skin you’re in.

The Tall Size Community

Tall Size would be nothing if it wasn’t for our incredible community of Tall Women. We enjoy reading the thrill you experience after buying a pair of our jeans that fit you perfectly. We appreciate every time you share about Tall Size with the fellow tall women in your life. And every time we receive thank-you notes for “doing the Lord’s work” by creating a place for you to shop where you finally feel seen, we are reminded of exactly why we started Tall Size. We love what we do, and love serving you!

Meet Our Founders

Nicole Murphy (6’0) - Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to launching Tall Size, Nicole was a Marketing Executive with over a decade of experience working with some of the best e-commerce and tech companies in the country. She knows exactly what it takes to grow a successful e-commerce business.

Kayla Alexander (6’4) - Co-Founder

Kayla is a professional basketball player, former WNBA player, Canadian Olympic Athlete (Tokyo 2022 Olympic Games), children's book Author & Illustrator and Motivational Speaker. She has the network and connections to accelerate Tall Size's success.