Jean Sizing for Tall Women

Women around the world can all agree: a dreamy, well-fitting pair of denim jeans is one of the hardest items to source for your wardrobe. It comes down to a series of factors: comfort, material, style, sizing, and length—and every denim is made a little differently. Sometimes stretchy with comfort, sometimes thick and stiff, and other times a little in between. 


Add long legs and the challenging search simply doubles! The average height of women in across the United States is 5 foot 4 inches, women that exceed this are considered “above average” so most of the standard retailers and stops do not tend to cater to tall women’s specific sizing. 


The good news? Tall Size is dedicated to supporting tall women in finding a good pair of denim jeans that will be long-lasting and stylish. You’ve found the right blog to get you started on getting your hands on the perfect jeans. Let's get into it. 


Jean Sizing Explained 


Are you a tall woman who has resigned yourself to tailoring each and every pair of jeans you buy? Not only is this super time-consuming, but it quickly adds up financially! Or, maybe you’ve just resigned yourself to dealing with the cropped look and squeezing into heels so that the awkward length looks intentional? You shouldn't have to wear heels if you don't want to. 


It doesn't have to be this way! By moving your denim search online to a company like ours that caters to tall women, you can find denim that actually fits. 


One thing you need to focus on is the inseam! Inseam is a fancy, industry term that refers to the length of the jeans from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. Understanding it, measuring for it, and knowing what length you need will help when finding your next pair of jeans. The longer the inseam, the taller the jeans, which will mean that the placement of the knee, calf or leg may be more appropriate for you. 


How to measure your inseam


There are two ways to measure your inseam. You can either measure using your body, the “natural inseam” or by using a pair of jeans that you already own.


Truthfully, measuring your natural inseam is the best way to determine your inseam. To this:


  1. Stand with your feet flat with your back against the wall, ensuring your back is completely straight.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure yourself, or have someone help you, from the point where your legs meet your torso, and down to your heel. 
  3. Bonus tip! You can measure to your ankle bone which will determine the inseam for skinny and cropped styles if you like those. 


Please note, that tall women’s jeans typically start at a 34” inseam, and go up to 38”, but your measurements might change every so slightly, depending on how you like to wear your jeans and what style you prefer:


  • Skinny jeans: should comfortably reach your ankle. However, if you tend to roll them up or wear them with heels, to avoid an awkward length it's wise to add between 1-3 inches to your inseam measurement. 
  • Straight jeans: this style is super versatile and looks fabulous just covering your ankle, folded naturally to stop at the foot, or with heels. If you prefer to wear your straight jeans with heels, we suggest adding 2-3 inches to your natural inseam.
  • Bootcut and flare jeans: this style requires longer inseams and should reach your heel. While this style works with flat shoes and sneakers, heels or wedges for flares are best so you should add a couple of inches to your natural inseam for the best look.


How to know if your jeans fit well 


In addition to getting the right inseam size, there are a few other indicators to watch for that jeans fit well. These are:


  • Feels comfortable around the waist, with no pitching or excess looseness. 
  • Fit snugly in the crotch area, with no additional bunching or bagginess. 


This means you will also want to measure your waist measurements, for the ideal fit. One of the best ways to measure is to use a flexible tape measure around the torso at key points. Ensure that the tape is comfortable, but not overly tight. 


There are many trends, stylists, bloggers and publications that try and tell us that certain jean styles are “the one” and will “look good on everyone.” For the record, no one denim style looks good or bad on everybody, because everybody is different. It is not your fault—nor your body's fault—if you don't feel fit in a certain pair, it's the clothes. Keep searching if one pair isn't right. In the end, you and only you decide what looks and feels good. 


Spill the Jeans 


It's finally the time to highlight some of our favourite jeans. 


100 percent denim is a super thick, and very durable fabric that can last years and years, making them a fantastic investment. It might take some time to break them in, but it's worth it. 


Or you can go for denim that includes around 1-2 percent elastane, which won't be as stiff but can still last a long time. Jeans that contain a higher percentage of elastane, polyester, spandex, or other synthetic fibre will not be as durable, but if you treat them well, you’ll likely only have to replace your jeans every few years.


Skinny Jeans


It only feels right to start with a special pair that has literally been dubbed the "Oooooh these jeans fit!" High Waist Skinny Jeans. These jeans have a true high waist, great stretch, and a flattering fit. They are also available in a lighter blue, and midnight blue, depending on your vibe. These are available with 34" and 36" inseam options. 


Tailored for tall women, every gal needs a nice fitting pair of white denim—especially for the spring and summer, up to 38” inseam. You might like these a bit more, which are mid-rise, available with a 34” inseam.


For cute denim skinny with a little rip, here's your beautiful pair waiting for you, available up to 38” inseam. These grey jeans offer a great silhouette that is extremely flattering and great for every season. 


Straight jeans 


Okay, let's take a moment for this super cool distressed light denim, available up to 36” inseam and offering a TON of fun. Following the fun train, there are these with a little zipper detail that makes them a little different available in a 34” inseam. 


If light jeans are on your list, we have a few options. There are these fantastic, crisp white jeans with a 34” inseam. Or these cool, blue horizons wash with a 35” inseam. Also, we love this high-rise light-wash denim with some elastane for added stretch. 


Bootcut and flare jeans

You may associate this style with strictly a retro or 1970s vibe, which they definitely can be— but they aren't exclusively! 


For example, this sophisticated pair features a dark wash stripe on the outside leg, and is brilliant for work or events, with an inseam of 33”. Or, this unique pair of striking red denim with a high waist and flare, that can range from 34”-41” inseam. Finally, this sweet olive denim goes effortlessly from day to night.


If you are after that 1970s look, of course, we have them too, starting with these great white flares that are high-waisted, and these in a medium wash that we offer in both 34” and 36” inseam. Finally, these offer a little reminiscent of acid wash with a 37” inseam available. 


Knockin' on Denim's Door


Here’s hoping that this curated blog on finding your denim match will be of use to all your tall ladies on your search.


However, because we know frustrating the jean hunt can be, we wanted to leave you with a quote from stylish Hilary Rushford: “It’s not your body, it’s the clothes.” Try different looks until you find the one that helps you feel your best self. Remember that we offer returns and refunds, which you read more about here


Get started shopping now for your perfect pair!

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