7 Fashion Trends Taking Over 2023

Every year, fashion trends emerge that set the tone for what is popular in the upcoming season. As we look ahead to 2023, women’s fashion is expected to be more daring and creative than ever before. From utilitarian chic to bold prints, there are plenty of options for ladies who want to make a statement with their wardrobe. The best part? Everything you see below is tall-friendly! Yes, you read that right. Here at Tall Size, we believe tall women should have the same access to the latest fashion trends as everyone else. We’ve got you covered!

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants for Tall Women

Photo: Getty Images

Utilitarian chic is the latest fashion trend to take over the runway. Cargo pants, once reserved for military and outdoorsmen, are now being embraced as a fashionable look that’s both stylish and practical. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable for weekend errands or want to add a workwear-inspired look to your wardrobe, cargo pants are an easy way to get in on this trend.

From classic olive green styles with drawstring waists to slim fits with contrast stitching, cargo pants have had a complete makeover. Wear them high-waisted with polished mules and a tucked-in silk blouse for an elevated office look or pair them with sneakers and an oversized sweater for off-duty days. With endless styling possibilities, cargo pants promise to be one of the season's most versatile pieces.

Our Tall Size Cargo Pants Picks:

Tall Cargo Pants (The Elevated Closet)


Tall Camo Cargo Pants (Nineth Closet)


 All Denim Everything

Denim Outfit for Women

Photo: Szymon Brzoska/@Thestylestalkercom

In the world of women’s fashion, denim is a timeless staple. Now, it's being reimagined and reinvented to create innovative styles that are perfect for any occasion. From classic cuts to unique silhouettes, denim is no longer just about jeans. It can be used to craft an array of clothing options with a contemporary edge. 

This season, forward-thinking designers are taking traditional denim and giving it a modern twist by introducing new colors, textures and shapes into their collections. Tailored jackets featuring feminine detailing like frilled collars or bold floral embroidery have been paired with slim-fit jeans in vivid hues such as electric blue and acid wash black for an edgy yet sophisticated look. Denim skirts have also been given an update with asymmetric hemlines or statement rips – great for making a style statement this season!

Our Tall Size Denim Picks:

Tall Denim Jumpsuit (TJL Collection)


Tall Denim Skirt (TallMoi)


Tall Denim Dress (Alloy Apparel)



Sequin pants for Women

Photo: Atlantic-Pacific

The 2023 women's fashion trend of sequin is set to take the fashion world by storm. Sparkly and eye-catching, this trend is not for the faint of heart. Women who want to make a statement with their wardrobe will love the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available in this bold material that can be used to create an array of looks from casual everyday wear to elegant evening attire.

Sequin can be found on everything from dresses and skirts to tops and accessories like bags and shoes. This versatile material comes in a wide range of colors, so anyone looking for a unique way to stand out from the crowd should definitely consider adding some sparkle into their wardrobe. Not only does it offer an interesting visual effect but it also helps add texture and dimension to any outfit.

Our Tall Size Sequin Picks:

Tall Purple Sequin Chain Strap Mini Dress (Long Tall Sally)


Tall Black Sequin Embellished Wrap Top (Long Tall Sally)


Tall Gold Sequin Embellished Stretch Jumpsuit (Long Tall Sally)


    Midi & Maxi Skirts

    Midi & Maxi Skirts for Women

    Photo: The Miller Effect

    Midi and maxi skirts are the must-have fashion trend for 2023. Whether you choose a pleated midi skirt or a long, flowing maxi skirt, this look can take any outfit from day to night. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also extremely versatile; midis and maxis are incredibly easy to style with almost anything in your wardrobe.

    For an effortlessly chic look, try pairing a white cotton midi skirt with a crisp button-down shirt and some strappy sandals - perfect for lunch dates or brunching with friends. If you want something that’s slightly more formal, go for a structured black leather midi skirt paired with an elegant blouse and some ankle boots - ideal for office meetings or dinner parties.

    Our Tall Size Midi Skirt Picks:

    Tall Silk Midi Skirt

    A-symmetrical Midi Skirt (Liv Tall)


    Tall Sweater Skirt

    Tall Sweater Skirt (TallMoi)


    Tall Sadona Midi Skirt

    Tall Sadona Midi Skirt (Alloy Apparel)


      Cobalt Blue

      Cobalt Blue Jacket

      Photo: GAMR/Backgrid

      In the world of fashion, cobalt blue is a striking color that has been making waves in women's fashion trends. This particular shade of blue is strong and confident, with just the right amount of edge to make it stand out from other colors. It pairs particularly well with whites and grays, but can also be incorporated into more vibrant looks with ease. Whether you're looking for something classic or something daringly modern, cobalt blue will be sure to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. 

      Cobalt blue is an excellent choice for any season; it looks great on workwear as well as evening dresses. It adds sophistication to office ensembles while still remaining chic and eye-catching enough for special occasions. Pair it with some simple jewelry pieces such as pearls or vintage silver earrings for a timeless look that never goes out of style.

      Our Tall Size Cobalt Blue Picks:

      Tall Cobalt Blue Shirt

      Tall Cobalt Blue Satin Shirt (Long Tall Sally)

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      Cobalt Blue Bodysuit

      Mesh Cobalt Blue Bodysuit (Nineth Closet)

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      Tall Cobalt Blue Jumpsuit

      Tall Cobalt Blue Wrap Jumpsuit (Long Tall Sally)

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        Cut-Out Jumpsuit for Women

        Cut-out clothing is the latest women’s fashion trend to hit the scene. The look is modern, sexy and daring, perfect for a night out or special event. With its bold style, cut-out clothing has become an instant must-have for any discerning fashionista. 

        This fresh new look features strategically placed openings in garments that reveal just enough skin to tantalize without being too revealing. Cut-outs can be found on everything from dresses and tops to swimsuits and lingerie, giving you plenty of options for accessorizing your ensemble with flair. From small openings at the waistline of blouses to dramatic plunging necklines on slip dresses, cut-outs are sure to make any woman feel confident and stylish no matter the occasion.

        Our Tall Size Cut-Out Picks:

        Tall Xena Asymmetric Cut-out Jumpsuit (Tall Luxe)

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        Tall Brooke One Shoulder Midi Dress (Alloy Apparel)

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        The Selena Dress (Queen's Inc Boutique)

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        Animal Print

        Animal Print Dress

        Photo: Titi's Passion

        Animal print is a trend that never goes out of style. It has been around for decades and continues to remain a mainstay in women's fashion. Whether you're looking for a subtle hint or going all out, animal prints are the perfect way to make a statement. 

        This season, the animal print trend is bigger than ever before with options available across a variety of garments. From skirts and dresses to shoes and accessories, there's something for everyone who loves this timeless print. The best part? You can easily incorporate it into any wardrobe since it pairs well with both neutrals and vibrant colors alike. Adding even just one piece can add an element of chicness to your look that will turn heads everywhere you go!

        Our Tall Size Animal Print Picks:

        Tall Tan Animal Printed Jumpsuit (TJL Collection)

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        Tall Courtney Wrap Top (Alloy Apparel)

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        Tall Elana Rib Knit Pants (Alloy Apparel)

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        Overall, 2023 promises to be a stylish and fashionable year that celebrates individuality. With bright colors, dramatic silhouettes, and innovative takes on classic pieces, the 2023 fashion scene will be an exciting one. Brands like Long Tall Sally, Liv Tall, Nineth Closet and Alloy Apparel are already adapting to the changing trends and offering more options for tall women to explore and embrace all of the latest trends of 2023.

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