Become a Tall Size Seller

Why sell on Tall Size?

Tall Size prides itself on being the go to destination for tall women. Leverage Tall Size’s incredible growing community to get your brand in front of hundred's of thousands of tall women.

List your products on Tall Size in less than 15 minutes! No manual entry required. Our direct integration with your e-commerce store allows you to set it and forget it and enjoy real-time inventory and order syncs.

Since you'll be owning the fulfillment of any orders that come through Tall Size, you get to maintain your brand and unboxing experience for your customers.

Add Your Products: Sync your product catalog with Tall Size in
a few simple steps. No manual work required!

Fulfill Your Orders: Manage orders and shipping methods, ship
items directly to your customer and provide customer care. 

Get Paid: No setup or monthly fees! A reasonable commission fee is automatically deducted from your prompt payment for sold items.

You bring great products. We bring thousands of customers.

What benefits do you get?


Your products will be promoted to Tall Size’s customer base and significant site traffic on an ongoing basis.


We cover a large portion of email related customer queries as well as running our Live Chat service to help customers on the website.


You will receive access to your own Seller Admin where you can view orders, manage your products and monitor your daily, weekly & monthly sales totals.


All credit card transaction fees are taken care of for you. We also process all payments and refunds for customers on your behalf.


Tall Size has software that seamlessly integrates with your store. A member of the Tall Size team will assist you with the integration which only takes 15-30 minutes. No manual work required!

Yes! Our software will watch for any inventory or pricing changes on your side and make sure your products are automatically updated on Tall Size. This means our prices will always match the prices on your website and we will never sell inventory that doesn't exist.

New products will automatically be synced to Tall Size from your store. If you no longer wish to sell an item, you're able to log in to your Seller panel and remove the item from being listed for sale on Tall Size in just a few clicks.

Sellers are required to cover the cost of shipping for any orders that come through Tall Size and meet the minimum shipping threshold of $150 USD. Shipping for any orders below $150 USD will be a shared responsibility of the Seller and Customer. To begin, we will only be operating in the United States and Canada.

Shoppers will request a refund through Tall Size. A member of the Tall Size team will instruct them to return the items to your store location. Tall Size will work with the Seller directly to facilitate the refund transaction.

Since Tall Size is a software company, we don't have the typical overhead costs that a Seller has (ie. inventory, manufacturing, shipping, etc). Our largest cost centre is our software and paid advertising to help tall women discover Tall Size. Your brand will be able to reap the benefits of the thousands of dollars we invest in paid advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram) every month. Your products will also be highlighted in our emails as well as on the website. Finally, one of our Founder's Kayla Alexander is a WNBA player and member of the Canadian Olympic Team. Tall Size will be leveraging her partnerships to promote Tall Size and the brands on our site to her audience of tall women.