For the Love of Denim

Should I buy another…
With Lindsay, your Tall Size Content and Community Queen

I love denim! Especially a pair of jeans that fit me in all the right ways. They make me feel feminine, sexy, edgy and artsy. But, do I really “need” another pair to add to my wardrobe?? From bootcut, to skinny, from low rise to extra high-waisted, I have so many pairs of jeans, how could I possibly need more? The quick and practical answer is, I don’t. But the part of me that feels vibrant and beautiful after I’ve slipped on a new pair screams “I do!”.

Hmmm, so, what should I do? 

Let’s circle back to being practical. Times are tough right now and our hard earned dollars are not going as far as they did before 2020. So although not fun at all, I don’t really need another pair of jeans.

But, I’m not only talking about a pair of jeans anymore. I’m talking about a feeling I get when I do buy myself something new. You know, THAT feeling that we haven’t always been able to access as freely since times got tougher. It’s HAPPINESS.

Some day when I look back at photos of myself, I want to see myself as happy and radiant. So, whatever clothes I wear should make me feel that way - beautiful and comfortable in my own skin, feeling good and looking good.

So, yeah it’s time to purchase yet another pair of radiance-inducing jeans.

Here are my top 5 favorite pairs of jeans that you can easily find all in one convenient place…!

Click here to check them out in our jeans section online!

The Confidence Booster: High Waist Skinny Jeans (midnight blue) - Prissy Duck
Available in sizes 4 to 20 / Inseam 34" and 36"

These jeans fit like a second pair of skin and hug and lift my bum…and who doesn’t want that!?! SIZE DOWN! I’m normally a size 12, but wear a size 8 in these. 

Comfort Without Compromise: No. 1 Navy Blue - At Last Denim
Available in sizes 25 to 33 / Inseam 35" to 39"

Comfort and style with a hint of edginess thanks to the fringed hem. These jeans are buttery soft and should be in every tall woman’s closet…in my opinion.

#Sexy: Anderson Side Slit Jeans - Alloy Apparel 
Available in sizes 2 to 20 / Inseam 35" and 37"

This classic straight leg cut will become your latest denim obsession! The color should be called “confidence” and the side slit detail is outrageously sexy when paired with a pair of heels.

From Desk to Dinner: Organic Cotton High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans - Taylor Tall
Available in sizes 4 to 18 / Inseam 31" to 40"

I love it when I can get dressed once and have an outfit take me wherever I need to be. These wide leg jeans are a great denim option for the office and I love the way I can transition my look from day to night with some red lipstick and company that makes me laugh and feel good.

For Summer Nights: The Billie - Midheaven Denim
Available in sizes 25 to 32 / Inseam 34"

Every woman should own a pair of white jeans! I love how these wide leg jeans flow which makes them a comfortable and practical choice to wear on a hot summer night, and look killer with a cropped summer top.

What’s the one thing in your closet that makes you shine from the inside out? Do you need more of that? I think you know the answer now ;)

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