Tall Women's Guide to Accessories

What you choose to wear each day is a subtle, informal introduction to the world. It hints at elements of your personality, your interests, beliefs, and even your mood that day! You may be feeling fun and flirty and want to wear bright colours and bouncy pieces. Or, you may be feeling more serious and dress in darker pieces. Whatever you choose, fashion can—and should be—a ton of fun!

During the majority of the week, due to responsibilities, you may have to style yourself for a specific setting: work, school, meetings etc. What's one way to let your personality shine through in these times? With accessories! 

Accessorize It

Accessories create the foundation of your style thanks to their flexibility. They offer bits of self-expression and help your personal aesthetic.  

Examples of accessories are:

  • Jackets
  • Boots 
  • Bags 
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Gloves
  • Ear muffs
  • Jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches
  • Glasses and sunglasses
  • Shawls and scarves 
  • Pins
  • Piercings

Well-chosen accessories are key to completing your look and helping you stand out—in the best way. It doesn't hurt that accessories like bags, purses and seasonal pieces such as scarves are incredibly useful and practical. Timeless fashion accessories, like wristwatches, leather gloves and statement jewelry can happily be worn for years. 

Accessories do not need to match, and many people like to embrace colour variation! That being said, colour palettes should be complementary and make sense, giving balance and interesting contrast.

With neutral apparel such as black, grey, beige, or white, bursts of gorgeous colour can brighten and tie an outfit together well. Conversely, when wearing colourful clothing, it’s important to choose accessories that won't clash with the colours that lead the outfit. The best strategy for colour pairing is to pair colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel as they are the most complimentary, such as blue and orange or purple and yellow.

Accessories For Tall Women 

Similar to clothing pieces, accessories can indeed look and sit differently on tall women. If you know what to look for, this can be a superpower rather than a hindrance. 


When it comes to necklaces, tall women may find that long necklaces can land too short on the chest. With a taller frame, longer-style necklaces can accentuate your height. Layers of necklaces in a variety of lengths are also a fun option for balancing out height.

For bracelets, tall women can reach for bold pieces!  Bold bangles or stacked bracelets can bring gorgeous balance to your long arms and overall look.

When looking for earrings, be aware of the space between your ears and your neck. You can have a ton of fun with this, reaching for longer, dangly earrings. Pieces like stud earrings can be underwhelming. If you're looking for a casual daytime look, longer hoops can work, too, to accentuate your tall frame.


We love handbags! They can add a great element of texture to an outfit. Being tall grants you permission to get away with nearly all purse styles! This means oversize bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags are all a good look. Because your frame is so tall, nothing will be too overwhelming.

We suggest this practical Messenger Bag with an extra long strap that is available in black and brown. The extra long strap allows the bag to hit right around the hip, which is very flattering. 

Another cute piece is the Canvas Bucket Bag. This tall bag makes running errands stylish! It's made from heavyweight canvas and has an adjustable strap, allowing you to wear it as either a tote or backpack. 

As a tall woman, we suggest avoiding small or petite bags, as they may make your height even more obvious.


For all of us tall goddesses, we need jackets that fit—jackets that don't require rolling the sleeves up, and jackets that don’t hit awkward points on our bodies. 

To get that perfect fit, you will want to be sure to measure your jacket size to get the right digits. To get your ideal jacket size, you'll need to measure several areas of your body including your chest, waist, shoulders, arms, and back. 

This Bomber Jacket is a cute pick as it hits right at the hips, flattering your length. Another trendy option hitting the right spot on your hips is the sweet Shirt Jacket in natural and olive green. 

If you're a big fan of denim jackets, we have choices for your perfect pick. There are these cropped jackets in either black or light denim and also a long denim jacket in light denim. For a posh and sophisticated look that you can rock to work or events, we suggest this belted coat in either black or oatmeal. It even features a stylish detachable faux fur collar. 


With the right shoe accessory, women can feel like super-women! The right pair of shoes can help you march with a mission! We spend so much time on our feet exploring and enjoying, so they are a great piece to invest in. Typically tall women are looking for sizes 11-15, which we are mindful to stock

Despite popular belief, tall women can absolutely rock a great pair of heels. Let's get into a few of our favourites! Accessories should be fun, like these Trèsolz Jonelle 4 that offer a fabulous pop of colour. The Trèsolz Claudine screams sexiness thanks to their snakeskin print and the practicality of the chunky heel, which is easy to strut your stuff in. Speaking of chunky heels, we love these CoIX Shoes Marylebone that are comfortable and easy to style in a neutral shade of pink. The Trèsolz Liberty is a lovely choice for something like a wedding, as it has a beautiful shimmer but still allows you to get your groove on all night. Show off your edgy personality with the Trèsolz Ree, a pair of flats that feature gold chunky chains, or the Trèsolz Willo mule with cool gold studs. Be the star of the show with this elegant pair of Trèsolz Hillary in black and nude. 

Over-the-thigh boots are what we call showstoppers! This style of boots can pull together an outfit and can flatter and accentuate tall legs beautifully. Available in sizes 11-15 are the Slim Fit Thigh High Stretch Riding Boots or the Regular Thigh High Stretch Riding Boots. There is also a version with a heel, the Regular Thigh High Stretch Heel Boots


Few accessories make a bold statement more than a stylish hat. The right hat can add a new dimension of interest, will flatter your tall silhouette, and provide you with a whole new attitude! 

Naturally, a hat needs to fit properly! Wide brim hats are timeless and really suit tall women thanks to their strong detail and design. We suggest this gorgeous wide-brim hat in wheat, black, and white that lands at the shoulder, which is most flattering. 

Berets are super sweet and very chic for a tall gal! Style-wise, be sure to pair them with something chic or overcoat, preferably in neutral colours to avoid it looking too much like a costume.

Tall women should avoid hats that are narrow and angular so as not to overly accentuate your tall frame. 


Glasses and sunglasses have the power to change your face shape and can compliment your silhouette while giving you the demeanor and confidence to take on the day. 

When it comes to styling, your face shape should ideally contrast with the shape of your glasses. This means that people with longer faces might want to reach for rounder glasses, and people with round faces look best with rectangular frames. Large, oversized glasses are a bold statement and should sit comfortably on your face, while not touching your cheeks. You should also be sure to not allow your glasses to hide your eyebrows. 

Step Out In Style 

Deliberately expressing yourself through fashion can be exciting and can be heightened through the exciting world of accessories. Accessories are a wonderful way to expand your wardrobe and change up your outfits, and there is such a wide range of complimentary accessories that can accentuate your tall silhouette. What are your favourite accessories?

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