The Best Jumpsuits for Tall Women

For the ‘average’ woman, a jumpsuit is a super cute, all-in-one outfit that can be worn on many occasions. But, for us tall women, a jumpsuit honestly feels like a patience-testing apparatus that never seems to work the way you like!  

We promise that it doesn’t have to be this way! Tall women can rock a jumpsuit as well as anyone. 

Top Jumpsuits for Tall Women

In the spirit of sharing the love and fun of jumpsuits, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite looks for tall women:

For Events

The right jumpsuit is the perfect choice for a first date, cocktail hour and even a wedding. You’ll be the belle of the ball with this sexy jumpsuit made of shimmery gold fabric and many cutouts. We love this brilliant blue jumpsuit as its screams versatility and allows you to opt for more coverage or a little more shoulder. This sleek black jumpsuit is great for summer nights and has an elevated look due to its ruffle, belt and off-the-shoulder fit. You’ll have to lift your date’s jaw from the floor with this sassy number that is perfect for date night. 

For Evening Looks

Who else is a fan of patterns? These boldprinted jumpsuits will have you stepping out in style. Speaking of bold, this gorgeous flowy jumpsuit comes in many eye-catching colors! 

For Hanging Out

If you’re a fan of matching sweat suits when chilling, you’ll love an all-in-one casual jumpsuits, like this one which comes in different colors, or this one! There is also this dreamy denim number for a casual hangout with friends. 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit for Tall Women

Jumpsuits have been a great fashion statement for ages (and they’ve come a long way from the balloon style that was big in the 1990s!) because they are like an elevated dress and are a one-stop shop. They make getting ready SO easy, as the only thing you need to consider is what shoes and accessories to throw on with it!

The common issue, however, is finding one that fits well. Typical problems for tall gals include:

  • Materials being “cut off” in the crotch and bum 
  • The waist seam is too high
  • The material is too tight under the arms
  • Too short in the legs
  • The torso length being too short resulting in big time wedgies


If that sounds like you, try the following tips for finding the perfect jumpsuit: 
1. Get your correct measurements 

When it comes to shopping for jumpsuits, knowing your measurements is extremely important to get the right fit. You will want to measure your bust, waist, hips, inseam, and torso!

How to take your torso measurement:

  • Use a fabric or tape measure. 
  • On one shoulder, place the end of the tape measure at the very top, where the strap of a jumpsuit would be.
  • Angle it ends down, towards the middle of your body. 
  • Measure down to where the crotch seam of your shorts/pants would be. 
  • This is your measurement.


2, Look for retailers that sell items that are for ‘tall’ or ‘long torso.’

3. Opt for jumpsuits with adjustable straps or waist belts for added structure. 

    What are you waiting for?! Jump into the fashion statement for every season and occasion.

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