The Best Shorts for Tall Women

Shorts are a piece of clothing that  are here to stay!  Update this everyday staple in your wardrobe with the collection below of  stylish shorts perfect for tall ladies. 

The shorts highlighted in this blog are designed specifically for longer legs, featuring flattering waistlines and longer inseams, giving that extra bit of coverage. Shorts really do come in a wide variety of lengths, leg shapes, waistbands, sizes, fabrics, and styles, enabling you to find a style you really like while ensuring that you feel comfortable and look good!  

You’ve been blessed with long legs—why not show them off?


Short Styles For Tall Ladies 

As a tall gal, a mid-length or mid-rise short with a 4″ to 7″ inseam (which is the length from the crotch to the hem) is a great option, as it will elongate the legs while creating an illusion of a proportionate torso.  

Another great option  is the classic Bermuda short, aka long-length shorts. This length will cover the thighs, offering a 10” - 12” inseam. 

Ultimately, your short choice comes down to comfort and torso. If you have a longer torso than legs, aim for shorts that hit just above the knee and high-waisted shorts to balance out your silhouette. If your legs are longer than your torso, opt for a longer top with above-the-knee shorts. 

If you aren’t sure what your inseam measurements are, the good news is that it's quite easy to measure. There is nothing worse than buying a great pair of shorts online only to find that they don’t fit when they arrive. Getting accurate measurements is important for shorts as many feature low cargo pockets or hem details, making it difficult or impossible to alter the length. 

Again, the inseam is the distance from the uppermost part of your thigh to your ankle. To measure your inseam for a pair of shorts, you can: 

  1. Lay a pair of shorts you like (if you have any) out on a flat surface and smooth any wrinkles. If you don't have shorts that fit already, that is fine; you can measure against your leg.
  2. Using a measuring tape or ruler, place one end at the point of the crotch below the fly where all four seams—front and back seams, left and right inseams—meet. 
  3. Pull the tape measure along the line of stitching on the inside leg of the shorts to the bottom of the hem. 
  4. Use this measurement as the inseam length. The number of inches, to the nearest ½”, is your inseam length! 


    Denim Shorts 

    Women, regardless of their height, can appreciate the challenge of finding denim that fits correctly. If you are looking for more advice on finding great denim, we discuss this in detail in our blog, Jean Sizing for Tall Women

    This is no different with shorts. When it comes to denim shorts, they are often too tight, too short, not stretchy enough, or too stretchy! However, we have plenty of options that cater for tall girls. 


    Comfortable Shorts 

    What is a wardrobe without comfy shorts?! Comfortable shorts, in our opinion, are essential because downtime is an important part of life. We suggest the following pair:

    • The Luna Short: These cozy high-waisted shorts are stretchy and relaxing and made from soft rib fabric! These are available in colours Sienna and Dusty Rose.


    High-Waisted Shorts

    Accentuate your waist with a pair of cute high-waisted shorts. High-waisted shorts are sophisticated and trendy with a ton of comfort. 

    • The Premium Linen High Waisted Shorts are all about you. The brand Taylor Tall creates your order exactly to your size and inseam requirements. This pair is super classic and features comfortable movement thanks to the 100% linen material. 
    • The Sophie Flare Shorts come in both black and pink. This specific pair is flared, looking a bit like a skirt, but with the comfort of shorts. These shorts feature a longer front and back rise, allowing for a flirty, unique look. 
    • The Tall Floral Kimono Short Set is extremely trendy and cute. They’re 100% crepe material, making them nice and flowy for comfort. They are also tailored and feature a wide leg for a good fit. These come with a sweet matching kimono too for a full look!
    • The Purple and Green Patterned Short Set is an all-in-one set, which is super sophisticated and makes getting ready extremely easy. The pattern of this set is eye-catching and classy, with flowy, lightweight material. 


    Shorts Styles

    Being tall can make shopping for shorts frustrating, which is why we created Tall Size: to help you fall in love with tall women’s clothing again! Tall Size is a woman-empowering online shop that highlights high-quality clothing that fits. Take control of your wardrobe with the perfect shorts! Which pair do you love the most?

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