The Tall Girl Guide to Shoes & Shoe Sizing

Whether you’re ready to rock some heels, strut yourself in sneakers or feel fly in flats, this blog is the place to be for tall women. 

Whatever style speaks to you (and if it's all of them, we aren't judging), we know that shopping for shoes as a tall woman with larger feet can be frustrating. At shops, bigger sizes are often out of stock or simply don’t exist. 

This guide highlights some of our favorite shoes that are made in wider fits and larger sizes, so you can step out in style in the perfect pair, every day. 

These Boots Are Made For Walking 

Boots are an autumn and winter staple. Do you have yours yet? We have a wide selection of boots for women in varying lengths and heights. So, whether you’re looking for everyday boots or something a little sassier, we have it. 

Tall Boots

Over-the-thigh boots can be hard to pull off. But not for us tall women! While some over-the-thigh boots may swallow up a short woman's legs by reaching her hips, they can flatter and accentuate long limbs. What a win! 

Take advantage of this with these over-the-thigh boots that are available in sizes 11-15: 

Knee highs are a great option if over-the-thigh boots aren't your thing or aren't the vibe of your outfit. These allow you to show a little more leg and highlight your features! Knee highs are great with dresses, skirts or pants:

  • The Trèsolz - Teanna is considered a more luxurious boot with a sophisticated pointy toe and rear V-cut! Grab them in sizes 10-14!

Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots? For tall women!? Yes! Low-cut boots hit right under your ankles and make your legs look good. The following styles look great with jeans or a skirt:

Functional Flats 

Flats are essential go-to shoes for any women’s wardrobe. Flats are fab for all day at the office, for a special occasion, or for a night out dancing. Our flats are varied in style and will make you feel like Cinderella with their perfect fit! All of these come in sizes 11-15! 

Heels To The Heavens 

Made in larger sizes for taller women, complete your outfit with heels that are available in different styles and colors! Take it from us as fellow tall girls, if you want to wear heels, don't let anything or anyone stop you! Enriching our height via beautiful heels makes us feel empowered and confident. Which are your favourites? 

Lace-up Heels 

Lace up this season's sexiest heels, all available in sizes 11-15:

Chunky Heels 

If you're someone who does a lot of walking or dancing, chunky heels are ideal as they’ll protect the feet and still complement your feet and height. The following are all available in sizes 11-15:


Meow! Stilettos are timeless heels that are forever feminine. The following can be ordered in sizes 11-15:

Stylish Sandals 

Sandals are the best, thanks to their versatility and timelessness. They won't ever go out of style! Sandals often have a bit of extra space to them, which is great for us ladies with wider feet. Get your hands on these sandals, which are all available in sizes 11-15!

How To Find Your Solemate   

Every single foot is unique and requires attention before slipping into the perfect shoe and sizing. Below are some tips to help find your solemate. 

    1. Always measure your feet. Your foot size and shape can change over time! This is due to many different factors like age, pregnancy, weight gain, and fluid retention. Be sure to measure your feet in the late afternoon, as this is when they tend to be their largest due to swelling. 
    2. Measure feet when standing. To obtain an accurate measurement, measure your feet from the very back of your heel to the longest toe and find the width by measuring across the widest part of your foot. 
    3. Be wary of different-sized feet. You might be surprised to learn that many people have one foot that is larger than the other, so be sure to make measurements of both your left and right foot. Your shoes should fit your larger foot, as adjustments can be done to help size the shoe for the smaller foot.
    4. Check for space at the back of the shoe. With your shoe on, stand and feel for reasonable space, approximately the width of your finger, between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
    5. Give it time. Sometimes, when you first put on a pair of shoes, they seem perfectly comfortable. But after wearing them for a while, you may feel tension meaning they may be a little too small. 

Shoes Your Own Adventure

Shoes are that final touch for any outfit. You should love them—and they should fit properly! If you have been struggling to find shoes that speak to your style in your correct size, we hope this guide has helped and that you can enjoy adding to your shoe cupboard by placing an order now!

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